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Professional Care Physical Therapy, established by Alexander Yegorov, PT, MS, is a top rated provider of rehabilitation treatment for athletic and construction injuries along with pre or post-operative and age-related conditions. Professional Care Physical Therapy is at the front of physical medicine merging modern technologies with innovative treatment practices and strategies that provide results.

Treating the borough of Staten Island since 2009, Professional Care Physical Therapy provides patients with personalized care, experienced physical therapy, and a solid focus on customer care. We help people get back on track with their lives.

Professional Care Physical Therapy’s staff had been growing since 2005. Professional Care focuses on teamwork and service. It may sound easy however it’s tough to implement and maintain a great team and offer exceptional service. Patients continue to communicate their appreciation towards the service and personal attention they receive. We do not give up until we get our patients back on track with their lives. To schedule an appointment please call (718)-701-4545.

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